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In Care of Your Plants

About ArkPol

Ark-Pol is a producer of gardening substrates, combining a love for plants with a long-standing tradition. Our goal is your satisfaction and joy from the passion you have. We desire our products to provide your plants with everything necessary for life.
Beautiful, healthy, and everlasting plants - our priority.
Our company offers a wide range of high-quality products. Depending on the application, the products are a composition of: high peat, low peat, drainage sand, and other additives.

In Care of Your Plants

Black gold

our new product
The Richness of Humus in Your Garden
This ready-to-use natural substrate is prepared from a mixture of high peat, low peat, sand, dolomite, perlite, and a blend of specialized slow-release fertilizers effective for up to 6 months. The substrate is enriched with extraordinary humic acids. It contains all the essential micro and macro elements necessary for the proper development of plants.
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