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Hello, get to know us better.

About us

Ark-Pol is a producer of gardening substrates for over several years. The history of our passion for plants began 20 years ago in a small town in the Lublin Voivodeship. Despite so many years passing, our commitment remains unchanged. We continue to combine professionalism with a love for beautiful plants.
Our company offers a wide range of high-quality products. Depending on the application, the products are a composition of: high peat, low peat, drainage sand, and other additives.

What do we do?

All substrates contain essential micro and macro elements that positively affect plant development.

Our mission

"In Care of Your Plants"

Our Goal

The main objective of Ark-pol is to produce gardening substrates that meet the highest quality standards, ensuring not only satisfaction but also joy in plants for our customers.
We believe that in order to continue developing, we must not only meet the needs and expectations of our customers, but also consistently strengthen credibility and trust, building long-term relationships on them.

Our Standards

Customer satisfaction and healthy plants are our priority, which is why we do everything to ensure our products are:

Our Values

We know that appropriate values influence development. They shape our image, which is why we strive to build our actions on:

Constantly under expert supervision

We care about the high and genuine quality of the substrate. Therefore, Ark-Pol subjects its products to laboratory tests. These tests are conducted by the District Chemical and Agricultural Station in Lublin.
It is there where we continuously monitor the physical and chemical properties of all our products.
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