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Premium Black Gold Gardening Substrate

Premium Black Gold Gardening Substrate



  • Cultivation of vegetable plants
  • Cultivation of fruit plants
  • Cultivation of ornamental plants
  • Cultivation of potted plants in natural, domestic conditions


  • pH in H2O 5.5-6.5 Organic-mineral,
  • salt concentration below 2.5 g NaCl/dm3
  • Form: solid, loose, fraction 0-20 mm

Available in packaging of: 50L, 20L

This is a ready-to-use natural substrate prepared from a mixture of high peat, low peat, sand, dolomite, perlite, and a mix of specialized fertilizers with extended action up to 6 months. The substrate has been enriched with extraordinary humic acids. It contains all the necessary micro and macroelements essential for the proper development of plants. It’s a real treasure for our soils. Primarily, it is a mixture of large molecular organic compounds of variable composition and acidic nature, which are part of soil humus and natural water solutions. It provides all the essential nutrients to plants without disturbing their natural economy. Thanks to humic acids, your plants will be rich in beauty.


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