All-Purpose Flower Compost 2in1 Compost + Fertilizer

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All-Purpose Flower Compost 2in1 Compost + Fertilizer

This ready-to-use growing medium is prepared based on a composition of high-quality high and transitional moor peat moss, drainage sand, enriched with properly selected composition of mineral fertilizers and de-acidified with dolomite.
It contains essential macro and micronutrients readily absorbed by the root system, necessary for lush plant growth.
Its light structure perfectly absorbs and retains moisture providing excellent conditions for the development of both green and blooming plants.

indoor cultivation of pot plants
seasonal repotting
cultivation of balcony plants
establishment of flower gardens,
flower beds, terraces, orangeries
high-moor peat moss
transitional moor peat moss
drainage sand
OSMOCOTE fertilizer

Scotts fertilizers (OSMOCOTE manufacturer) contain the formula M-77.
Thanks to them, the nutrients remain for long and are optimally absorbed by the plant.
The ensured effect of good availability of nutrients in conjunction with optimal conditions in the immediate vicinity of the roots makes the formula M-77 an essential component of Peters fertilizers.
M-77 as if “opens the roots” increasing the effectiveness of the fertilizer.
Just look at the plants to see the effects! Peters fertilizers are the only ones to contain M-77.

The product is available in bags of:
10L (sold in packs of 5)