Flower & Vegetable Growing Compost in biodegradable packaging

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Flower & Vegetable Growing Compost in biodegradable packaging

All-purpose Flower & Vegetable Growing Compost IN BIODEGRADABLE PACKAGING is a ready-to-use peat moss composition of high-moor peat and low-moor peat with the addition of dolomite – a natural mineral which de-acidifies soil. Being a source of calcium and magnesium, it improves both the chemical and physical structure of the soil.
It provides the soil with micronutrients which perform important functions in the plant such as regulating the assimilation process and the production of pigments and enzymes. It increases the resistance of plants to frost, it passes into the soil water (retention), is easily absorbed by plants and significantly increases yields. Dolomite is a natural mineral fertilizer obtained from raw dolomite. Our growing medium contains no chemical compounds, toxic heavy metals, or bacteria.

Flower & Vegetable Growing Compost is used for:

– cultivation of vegetables that do not require specialized environment
– cultivation and caring for potted plants
– establishment of flower beds and flower gardens.
– cultivation of balcony plants
– establishment of vegetable gardens and flowering beds
– establishment of outdoor herb gardens
Available in 5L bags.

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