a RK-POL is a producer of:


  • All-Purpose Compost11270491_498590213650655_8602866943887268878_o
  • Flower & Vegetable Growing Compost
  • Potting Mix for Yuccas, Dracaenas, Palm Trees, Ferns and Cacti
  • Potting Mix for Petunias and Geranium, Topsoil for Conifers

We also offer pine bark, acidic high-moor peat, de-acidified peat, expanded clay, and horticultural grit.

Depending on the application, our products are composed of high-moor peat, low-moor peat, drainage sand, and other additives. All products contain the necessary macronutrients - N-P-K-Mg and micronutrients - Fe, Mn, Cu, Zn, Mo.

Our growing media are offered in different packaging sizes ranging from 1L to 80L.

The product has been tested by the Regional Chemical-Agricultural Station in Lublin.

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State-of-the-art Production Line

PPHU ARK-POL based in 53 Dorohucza, Poland benefited from the EU Development Fund Operational Programme within the scope of Priority Axis I. ‘Entrepreneurship and Innovation.’ Project title: ‘Purchase of an innovative line for peat moss production with software – a chance for Ark-Pol’. Thanks to the program, we made a purchase of a specialized production line, which has significantly affected the quality of our products and production efficiency. It has enabled us to launch new products such as: Multi-Purpose Vegetable Compost, All-Purpose Garden Soil in biodegradable bags, Seed Sowing & Pricking Out Compost.